Sunday, April 10, 2011

Abandoned Theme Park

We went to Okpo and decided that we would try and find an abandoned amusement park that some friends told us about. Apparently it's a big attraction for local foreigners and high school students. Rumor has it that it was shut down some time ago because a little girl died on one of the rides. You can still see the cart hanging from the rail where she supposedly fell out. Others say that the owner simply ran out of money and it shut down...I like to think it was the first reason just to add a little more thrill.
While we were there a huge fire broke out on one of the ships in the shipyard. We heard sirens from every direction and very loud announcements being made
The ride that the girl supposedly died on
It felt a little like we were walking around the set of a horror film, very creepy and yet you want to keep walking and see more (makes me understand those girls in the movies that instead of leaving, like we all yell and the screen and tell her to do, keeps walking deeper into the house).